Benefits of Using the Expandable Garden Hose

When you are watering your garden, convenience is the key. The best thing to do is to get a flexible hose that will not knot or twist and is not awkward to carry around.

For sure, some of you used to have tin watering cans or awkward hoses or pipes. Others may invest in a retractable hose. However, these tools cannot simplify your task. Fortunately, an expandable garden hose came into the scene.

Benefits of Using the Expandable Garden Hose

In this post, you’ll get to know more about the expandable garden hose and realize why it is an advantage to include it to your gardening tools.

Let’s get started!

Expandable Garden Hose Overview

Did you know that the expandable garden hose has been in the market for some time now? Many of us are unaware of it, with so many hoses available on the market.

From the name itself, the expandable garden hoses expand when in use. They come with a variety of lengths. They can expand up to three times their original length and size. For example, if you have a 15m hose, then it will become a 45m hose when the water is switched on. Once you switched off the water, your hose will go back to a 15m hose.

One fascinating thing about this hose type is that they are non-tangling. Meaning, there will be knots in line to worry and no need to stress yourself coiling it up after use. All you need to do is to wrap it up the same way with a cable.

How Does Expandable Garden Hose Work?

Typically, an expandable garden hose is built with two separate layers: the inner tube and the outer layer. The inner tube is responsible for letting the water flow, while the outer layer is designed for preventing leaks or punctures, and its protection is usually made of nylon.

Once the water reached the tube and the other end, the hose’s special turn off valve will then force a pressure to build. This forces the pipe to expand. After the valve is fully expanded, it will automatically turn off. That is the time when the expandable garden hose is ready to use.

What are the Notable Benefits of Expandable Garden Hose?

Watering a lawn or garden may look like an easy task. But, in reality, it takes a lot of effort and time to ensure that you water the desired area. Good thing, this task can be simplified by using an expandable garden hose.

Below is a list of the few benefits of using the expandable garden hose:

1. Flexible Use

The problem with old-fashioned garden hoses is that they are non-tangling and not flexible. So, after you water the garden, you still need to deal with tangled parts. With expandable hoses, you will have a flexible use.

As they automatically expand once the water runs through it, expandable hoses allow you to reach the areas you can’t get with traditional hoses. In fact, they can expand up to 75 ft. This makes them effective in covering large gardens.

2. Lightweight for Easier Operations

Most traditional garden hoses are made of rubber, making them a bit heavy. If you want a lighter hose, then you can go for the expandable ones.

Since expandable garden hoses are lightweight, you can easily maneuver them. Apart from that, you can effortlessly carry them around. Besides, watering a larger area is hassle-free. Without exerting so much effort, you can lift the up the entire garden hose.

3. Durable

An expandable garden hose is also known for its durability. These characteristics make them more resilient to be tossed, used roughly, or turned without getting damaged. Since they are durable, they are not prone to cracks. Remember that if there’s a crack on your use, you will waste water and the hose becomes useless.

4. Easy to Adjust

Unlike traditional hoses, which produce water pressure being controlled by a lever, expandable garden hoses come with adjustable nozzles. So, there’s no need for you to use your fingers or thumb to manage the water flow, and you can easily change the water pressure anytime you want.


Gardening is a fun activity. So, do not ruin it with stressful watering due to inflexible garden hose. Make sure to add an expandable hose to your gardening tools.

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