Winter in Hopland, CA January 4th, 2011

Panorama looking east accross a distorted land riven by dry creeks with rocks stained white by drought, over looked by ever thirsty trees, forever watched by dark ridges and a ray of sun.To the north, under balding Bus McGall is an earthquake fault with two white houses. Above dark trees sit as wisemen marking somber judgement on the scene.

A tree dances before the sky, a still maiden.

Some places are really other places. This forest is lost from The Lord of the Rings series- to our benefit. We are waiting for the elves.

We need gateways of wonder, possibility.

Layer upon layer of green lace bound on hard rocks.

Gray/black water, hard; marching arthritic trees with yester-years laces proudly held, propelled by mountain: today.

A lone figure of a tree receiving a concert from the peak.

Sacred grove in front of dark mountain.


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