The American Garden School- Kate’s newest endaevor

To All My Gardening Friends, Master Gardeners, Garden and Horticulture Clubs, Homeowners, Landscape Professionals and Garden Enthusiasts,  

 I am so pleased to announce a new endeavor of my business partner, Christa Mone and I, The American Garden School. 

 I have very much enjoyed teaching you how to create and develop gardens that are beautiful- and thrive-  and have decided to formalize the effort with the creation of a garden school. Much of our easily available garden and horticulture education classes are fragmented and lacking a systematic approach. Christa and I have developed a garden school focused on practical, sustainable and success oriented intensive classes based on horticultural principles and practices pertinent to everyone from landscape professionals to homeowners- courses that give you a large range of information you need to succeed in a wide variety of landscape and garden situations. All courses are centered on ecological principles and efficient approaches and are focused on long-term success. 


Initially we are offering classes at Shed in Healdsburg, and Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma.  Keep an eye on our calendar for more offerings.


Classes range from an intensive 1-day course, to a series of 3 classes.


We also have a large list of classes that you can engage us to teach to your group at your venue or location- and can be adjusted to any length of time. 

 Please visit our website at:

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 Please spread the word to anyone you think may be interested!

 Thank you and happy gardening,

 Kate and Christa,

 The American garden School

This garden is filled with hummingbirds, a diversity of bees and beneficial insects.

Learn from the best! From our home gardens, to those of the landscape professional, to people who want a Chelsea Flower Show quality landscape in the front yard, there is a great need in America for quality garden education focused on a systems based methodology, efficiency, technology, horticultural science based practices, ecological principles, productivity, plant-based beauty, joy and achievable results.

The American Garden School’s goal is to be the go-to garden school for an intensive series of courses on comprehensive, quality, pertinent, tested- and fun garden education for homeowners, garden enthusiasts, landscape practitioners, school gardens and very small farmers.

Initially, a series of location-based garden courses will offer students a broad system based, practical education not offered elsewhere. We also have a long list of courses that you can engage us to teach to your group at your venue or business. These classes can be as short as one hour or encompass an entire day.

Our classes offer intensive, tested, practical and comprehensive garden focused education designed to generate a successful and beautiful garden with a wide audience in mind, and with themes pertinent to the West such as drought tolerance, ecological focus, sustainable practices, time saving, and livability.

These intensive courses are a remarkable opportunity to learn practical and tested methods for creating successful gardens.  Two-time Chelsea Flower Show gold medal winner, educator and renowned horticulturist and designer Kate Frey and American Garden School partner, Christa Mone, will share their expertise developed over many years in Northern California and internationally. Kate and Christa bring a wealth of information in educating people on how to create gardens that are remarkably beautiful, healthy, productive creative and efficient to care for. Kate and Christa will guide students through the many factors, principles and systems necessary to generate success and continual productivity. 


Providing the highest level of practical expertise over many subjects.

 Teaching tested, practical horticultural techniques that enable success by promoting a systems approach and use of technology.

Increase interest in horticultural science and plant knowledge.

Bringing joy to people through gardens!



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